Pembroke Gardens, Kensington

A striking London Victorian Terrace located in the heart of Kensington. This restoration project has been a labour of love for the clients who have successfully restored their home to its former glory under the strict guidelines for the Edwards Square conservation area.

CC Construction were appointed by the clients to undertake the challenge of restoring this Victorian inspired terrace in the heart of London. One of the focal points for the project was the restoration of the sash windows; and having worked very successfully on similar projects where windows were brought into question CC construction turned to Sash Windows London for their help and expertise.

Sash Windows London Ltd have built their reputation on a high standard of customer service and quality and were the natural choice for CC Construction in the undertaking of this sensitive project.

In the original plans for the project the exterior façade including the windows and doors were to be refurbished in line with the Councils guidelines for conservation of the area but after visiting the Sash Windows London showroom in Clapham the client was confident of a sympathetic replacement with the added benefits of noise reduction and improved insulation for their home and opted to replace instead of repair to the approval of the Council.

Maintaining the distinctive character of the properties on the terrace is the Council’s main objective with the retention of original design features being a focal point.

With this in mind our Heritage Range was chosen with weight and pulley mechanism in replica of the original windows and their design. The Heritage Range offers both single and SlimLine glazing and with the approval of the Borough the clients opted for the improved thermal efficiency of the SlimLine narrow cavity glazing. Slim 16mm lambs tongue design glazing bars were used to recreate the original bar designs of the Victorian era and curved glazing allowed a perfect match to the retained stone arches on the upper floors.

Interesting Facts

Originally developed between 1858 and 1862, Pembroke Gardens was officially recognised as a conservation area in 1974 when redevelopment began booming in the area simply to protect these buildings from contemporary unsympathetic redevelopment.

Architecturally the facade of Pembroke Gardens boasts the influence of the late Victorian period; large scaling sash windows, fine stucco; heavy railings and intricate balustrades scale the ground and first floors with sweeping stone arches over the windows at the second floor.