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Timber Front Doors

Over the decades that we have supplied and installed a wide range of bespoke door designs for properties across London. This includes a stylish range of traditional and modern front doors made from the highest quality timber, all of which are made to measure and designed to blend seamlessly with any kind of property aesthetic.

Whether you know a cottage-style door would bring a touch of countrified charm to your suburban property, need a new Victorian-style door to replace a worn-out design, or want an up-to-date design in a timeless material for an ultra-modern home, we can help. Our professional door installation service will ensure that the work is done to the standards you are expecting.

All of our wooden front doors are available in a variety of paint colours, so every homeowner can choose the one that suits their home best. From pastel-coloured cottage panel doors to grey, white, or black Victorian doors with glass designs, you will always have the opportunity to design a front entrance to your home that fits the façade you have been imagining.

Installing Timber Doors In London

Timber entrance doors are a popular choice in London as they offer a timeless and traditional appeal enhancing the appearance of any home. Known for their strength and durability, timber entrance doors can last for decades.

Our beautifully crafted, made to measure timber entrance doors have a 30-year guarantee against rot and decay, combining strengthened engineered timber with high performance laminated glass units allows for exceptional thermal efficiency.

The locking system on an entrance door is a crucial part in home security, especially in a major city. Our timber doors are fully equipped with integrated high security locking that meet PAS 24 requirements.

Traditional Styles

Many traditional door designs are inspired by the ornate elegance of the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras, but our team will also be fully prepared to supply designs that use elements from other eras, including cottage panel doors that offer appeal from centuries past. If you wish to maintain the beautiful, lasting appeal of a period property or listed building through careful conservation work and matching features, you will need to speak to a member of staff about the external doors we can supply to do this.

Modern & Contemporary Styles

We are also more than capable of providing homes with stylish, made-to-measure doors in a modern or contemporary style to suit the needs and requirements of the owner. Whether you have a red brick suburban home that will only be complete with a white painted wood panel door with glazed window panels, or an ultra-modern home in the city that will look its best with a fashionable black or grey door, we will be happy to provide.

Timber Front Doors with Glass Detail

A timber front door does not have to only be solid wood and nothing else. Traditional Victorian front doors, for instance, would regularly make use of stained glass panels to allow natural light into the hallway of a home, as well as to beautify the feature. The practice is also currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity, so you will find many modern and contemporary front doors supplied and fitted with their own glass panels.

We are proud to offer our customers a range of different types of glass and glazing to complete the decorative appeal of their new entrance, including beautifully painted panels that are sure to impress visitors to their homes. If you would like this option included in your bespoke front door design, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask; we will be glad to discuss what you would like to see once the door has been fully installed.

Double and Triple Glazed Options

You may think of having a door with a glass design supplied and fitted to provide decoration or let in as much natural light as possible to a room or a hallway. However, the uses of glass do not stop at lighting, or ornamental purposes; glass portions of doors can also do their part to retain heat, improve soundproofing, and provide greater security to a home. This is all easily achieved with the installation of double or triple glazing.

All of our door designs, including those primarily using timber, can be ordered with double or triple-glazed window panels in a variety of shapes and styles. These will help in keeping your house as warm, quiet, and comfortable as it can be, all while ensuring that you have an aesthetically-appealing entrance that matches the traditional or contemporary design you were hoping to achieve.

Our Warranties

We are passionate about providing the highest quality wooden front doors to our customers. As proof of our commitment to what we do, you can expect us to register your installation with FENSA once the work is complete, and to provide you with a list of the following guarantees and warranties:

  • A 30-year guarantee on rot and decay
  • A 10-year guarantee on paint finish
  • A 10-year guarantee on glazing
  • A 10-year guarantee on uPVC
  • A 10-year guarantee on fitting
  • A 5-year guarantee on ironmongery

Ensuring Quality Timber

As specialists in the supply and installation of fine timber products, we are proud to support and use sustainable timber.

All of the timber used in our doors is Forest Stewardship Council-certified, meaning that the wood has come from responsibly managed forests. This reduces the impact its use has on the environment and ensures that the timber has not been gathered from:

  • Illegal logging
  • Deforestation
  • Forest degradation

The FSC prohibits all of these actions, and by choosing to source the timber for our wooden front doors through an FSC-certified company, we also discourage their use. In doing so, we are helping to protect natural forest ecosystems and lowering our carbon footprint, thereby reducing the impact our work has on the environment.

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