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Your Perfect Wooden Sash Windows Built and Installed

Window renovation projects can be exhausting, with everything from selecting the right frames, designs, and sizes, to unreliable contractors and tricky coordination causing delays. Whether looking for heritage wooden sash window designs to fit within a listed property or a new build, you’ll want to enjoy your refreshed home, not spend endless weekends exploring showrooms and organising installers.

Sash Windows London provides a streamlined, turnkey service designed to save every customer time. From your initial consultation, we’ll work to understand your needs, recommending the optimal sash windows for your home. Our exceptional quality windows will then be expertly installed by our team. This process ensures we can offer a prompt solution tailored to your home, with our custom sash windows built and installed to your exact specifications, saving you time and minimising any hassle.

How Our End-To-End Service Saves You Time

Replacing your home’s windows can be a deceptively complex and time-consuming task, especially within listed buildings or those within conservation zones. Everything starts with selecting the right materials and design, alongside getting the accurate technical specifications to provide an airtight fit. This process can involve endless hours of research, speaking to designers and manufacturers, and coordinating separate installers. If your home is a listed building, securing conservation area approvals adds a layer of complex bureaucracy to navigate.

Once you’ve ordered, coordinating delivery and installation will likely cause further delays, and overseeing the actual installation process can require further adjustments to your schedule. Should any issues crop up, from window damage to incorrect sizing, it will be up to you to organise corrections.

By offering a quality-focused end-to-end service, Sash Windows London can provide you with the timber sash windows you need without the hassle.

Streamlined Sash Window Installation

We coordinate everything from order to installation as a one-stop provider, meaning you won’t have to spend time finding and booking installers, or searching around for the ideal design. We’ll carefully alter the look of your window, choosing between spiral balance or cord and weights mechanisms, traditional or heritage profiles, and a range of decorative horns. Whether looking for replacement windows in an older property or a new build, our team are ready to start work.

If, as with many of our customers, you live in a listed property, we’ll be able to help, with our heritage design specifically made for listed buildings, giving you the latest in thermal and acoustic insulation within a convincing historical appearance. Saving you time and effort, we’ll help you elevate your home with stunning new sash windows built and installed to your specifications.

How We Ensure the Perfect Fit Every Time

We ensure the perfect fit every time by manufacturing bespoke wooden sash windows for your home. This is especially important within older buildings which can have non-standard frame sizes. This meticulous approach ensures we get it right the first time, saving you from regrets and having to redo any elements down the road, and boosting the already excellent thermal and acoustic insulation of our products.

Simple Long-Term Performance

We build our windows for long-term use, with a 30-year guarantee on all timber used within them. We also intend for them to require little or no maintenance across their lifespan, saving you further time. We’re proud of the excellent quality of our products, backed up by a range of additional guarantees, including a 10-year guarantee on both glazing and fitting.

Let Our Turnkey Service Save You Time

Sash Windows London can save you countless hours through our streamlined design and installation process. Our swift, tailored process will reduce your hassle, leaving you with snug, beautiful windows.

Contact our specialists now to discuss your needs in wooden sash windows for your home, and we’ll be able to start work on high-quality bespoke models combining classical designs with modern performance.

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