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Period Looks With Modern Performance

When the windows of your period home require replacement, whether that’s due to worn appearance or lacklustre energy efficiency, it can be a challenge to find new options that will match the look of your home, with modern design elements often clashing with your existing architecture. 


At Sash Windows London, our bespoke sash windows are meticulously crafted to seamlessly match your home’s original style, providing timeless elegance coupled with contemporary performance. Whether you’re renovating a heritage property or adding a new extension, our wooden sash windows will offer a truly seamless look.

How the Wrong Windows Can Undermine a Traditional Property

From rotted or worn wood, to meagre levels of thermal and noise insulation, the windows installed within many older properties are in desperate need of replacement. When working on a renovation project in a period home, using the wrong modern windows can undermine the traditional aesthetic. Any contemporary touches can introduce awkward visual clashes between the old and new aspects, while inferior quality windows that mimic an older style often jar and disrupt the unified flow of a home.

At Sash Windows London, our focus is crafting bespoke windows that faithfully continue your home’s time-honoured style while offering drastically improved performance.

Bringing the Best of Modern Performance to Heritage Design

While visually we aim to carefully capture the classical look of a timber casement window, our products are also engineered to the highest modern standards. By combining authentic looks with modern technology and design, we can create longer-lasting windows that effectively reduce heat loss within a home.

While remaining faithful to your home’s period design, we’ll incorporate the following within your bespoke design. This enables us to blend contemporary functionality and efficiency improvements into windows that faithfully continue the heritage architecture.

Double Glazing

With huge levels of heat loss in homes occurring through windows, double glazing offers one of the most effective solutions. While most modern homes come double-glazed as standard, many older ones retain single-glazed windows.

Thermal Insulation

Improving thermal insulation through double glazing and sturdy bespoke frames will reduce heat loss through a building in the winter and keep heat out during the summer. A thoroughly insulated envelope around a home will have a dramatic impact on its energy bills over time.

Acoustic Insulation

Within busy areas like London, or houses near roads, acoustic insulation can completely change a home, giving peace of mind to you and your family.

Long-Term Performance

We build and install for long-term performance, backed up by a series of guarantees. We guarantee all timber for 30 years and have a 10-year guarantee on paint and installation.

For Bespoke Windows in a Traditional Style

Our wooden sash windows blend seamlessly with older homes, providing a cohesive and elegant appearance without the jarring effect of many other modern options. Particularly within listed buildings, our design and installation service can be invaluable.

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