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Ensure an End to Drafts With Our Bespoke Windows

If you live in an older home with ageing single-pane windows or worn, damaged frames, you likely face challenges keeping your spaces comfortable. Outdated windows allow air infiltration, causing unpleasant drafts and massive levels of heat loss, and leading to higher energy bills and cold spots in your home.

Sash Windows London produces and installs bespoke double or triple-glazed wooden sash windows, providing an effective solution for older properties without compromising on looks. We’ll retain the elegant aesthetics of your home’s heritage design while insulating your space for improved comfort and energy efficiency. Upgrade to our timber sash windows to draft-proof your home and reduce your energy costs over the long term.

Why It’s Crucial to Protect Against Drafts

Older single-pane windows are highly inefficient, with gaps and cracks that allow air infiltration into your home, making temperature regulation difficult. Heat will continually escape from your home, bringing in cold drafts and preventing rooms from retaining the desired warmth. This means you’ll constantly need to turn up the heat to compensate, resulting in higher energy bills, particularly across the winter. Over the years, ineffectual windows can accumulate tremendous costs for a homeowner.

Beyond these crucial efficiency issues, drafts from poorly insulated windows will also disrupt your sleep and relaxation. Noise and temperature fluctuations from the outside ruin your calm, while trying to work or unwind near chilly window spots can be deeply uncomfortable. In older homes, persistent dampness from air leaks can even cause mould issues.

Outdated windows not only waste your money, but also negatively impact your daily comfort and peace of mind. The drafts, noises, and heat loss can lead to a truly unpleasant living environment.

Energy-Efficient Bespoke Timber Sash Windows

Our timber sash windows with double or triple glazing help to solve these issues within an older home, retaining interior heat in winter and keeping you cool in summer without excessive energy use. They are built to meet all the thermal performance standards of a modern home while maintaining the heritage look desired or in some cases needed within older properties.

As we design, manufacture, and install every window, we can ensure an airtight construction that seals out costly air leaks. Through this bespoke process, we’ll work with you to meet all of your needs, with our team experienced in listed buildings, alongside Victorian and Georgian properties. In the case of listed buildings, we can also make single-glazed or slimline double-glazed heritage sash windows, which can be needed in certain cases to meet regulations.

The Further Benefits of Our High-Performance Windows

Alongside eliminating a key source of draughts in your home, there are several other crucial benefits to consider when working with our team on wooden sash windows:

  • Noise reduction: Noise pollution is a major issue in both dense urban environments and countryside properties near busy roads. It can cause stress, harm sleep, and generally make life difficult. A further benefit of our sash windows is their excellent acoustic insulation, with our team also offering acoustic glass for cases where a high decibel rating is required.
  • Enhanced security: Our wooden sash windows are designed to meet all PAS 24 security standards, helping to defend a common point of ingress in your home.
  • Boosting home value: Many beautiful older properties contain worn or damaged windows, which can significantly harm their kerb appeal. Our range maintains the classic designs of heritage properties, with a choice of profiles and horns to help match your home.
  • Long-term performance: We work to a high standard of quality across all of our windows and services, backed up by a range of warranties, including a 30-year guarantee on timber and a 10-year guarantee on installation.

Our double or triple-glazed sashes will provide lasting beauty, maximum comfort, and vital protection while seamlessly fitting within your period home.

Upgrade Your Home With Our Beautiful Timber Sash Windows

Say goodbye to the drafts, noise, and inefficient heat loss caused by your outdated windows. Our double or triple-glazed sashes retain your home’s period elegance while insulating interiors for comfort and long-term savings.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, and to learn more about our streamlined refurbishing service.

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