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Traditional Georgian Windows

At Sash Windows London, we aim to provide the highest quality Georgian windows to our customers, offering a range of durable and heritage designs that will be sure to suit any home they are installed in. No matter which of our designs you would like, we can provide what you need to maximise your space and give your room the light source it deserves.

Our expert team can help give you the windows you need, so if you need a particular size for your property, call us and we can discuss giving your new Georgian sash windows the proportions that will work best for you.

What Types of Georgian Windows are Available?

There are two different styles available from us as either uPVC Georgian windows or Georgian timber windows.

Georgian Sash Windows

This style involves two separate window panels, one of which would move up and over the other on a sliding sash to allow the window to open. As well as their popularity over the years, it has also been seen that this type of sash window has a practical functionality that not many other windows share. This is because they are easier to open, and can be opened only partially, allowing for fresh air to enter a property without letting in rain or too much wind. These windows also have a longer lifespan than other types, meaning they do not have to be replaced as often.

Georgian Casement Windows

The second style available is the casement window. Like the Georgian sash windows, this style traditionally consists of window frames fitted with six or more panes, but it differs from the first design in that these windows open outwards instead of sliding. This type of window is not generally thought of when someone imagines an old-fashioned style, but they have the same potential as sash windows to give your home a beautiful, classical feel and the light and space you need to feel comfortable.

These two styles may look reasonably different, but they share the same benefits and are sure to look beautiful as part of your home, no matter which you choose to buy.

What are Georgian Windows?

Characterised by its use of six or more panes of glass that were divided by narrow glazing bars, the Georgian window has a history dating back to the time period of the same name. Georgian sash windows in particular became an extremely fashionable feature of a house at the time. This was because many of the royal houses and grand stately homes had them installed during this period and many members of the nobility wished to own the architectural feature that was rapidly becoming a status symbol.

Traditional Georgian Windows Manufacturing

In the past, windows in the Georgian style have most commonly been manufactured from timber, but it is also possible to get the traditional Georgian window design in uPVC, with astragal bars as an alternative in the modern day. Both are still hugely popular as window designs for homes, even now. This is not just for the symmetrical townhouses where they were once an important feature, but also for suburban houses that are not built in the same architectural style.

What are the Benefits of Getting Georgian Windows?

There are a number of reasons this window style is so popular even in the modern day, as they have plenty of benefits that other window designs do not have.

Time-Honoured Look

The first of these benefits is that they offer a time-honoured look to a home, no matter what style the rest of the property has. Their aesthetic is no longer reserved for certain architectural features, but can be applied anywhere a homeowner wishes. They also bring an old-fashioned, but comfortable and elegant charm to not only the room they provide a view for, but the house they are built into.

Plenty of Natural Light

Another reason Georgian style windows are so popular is that they allow for a great deal of light to enter a property. The large design, often coming in the form of tall windows, can open up a room and make it appear bigger and brighter than a smaller window would. This can change not only the look, but also the feel of a room, as your living or dining room can suddenly appear much more spacious and relaxed. This isn’t even to mention the view you will get from your new purchase!

Save Money on Your Bills

There is also the potential to save yourself money on your bills, should you choose to buy Georgian style windows. As this style is perfectly suitable for the installation of double glazing, you could be letting in more light that would become trapped and heat up your home. This energy efficiency can bring your bills down, and even end up cost-effective in the long run!


  • 30 year guarantee on timber
  • 10 year guarantee on a paint finish
  • Smaller energy bills and carbon footprint


  • Traditional: based on the design most popularly incorporated in Victorian and Georgian properties
  • Heritage: The Heritage range has been specifically designed for listed buildings where approval is required