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Classically Designed Edwardian Windows

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We do everything we can to provide our customers with the finest quality Edwardian style windows on the market. Our wide range of durable, beautiful windows will complement any home, so we know that they will look wonderful in your property, too. From replacing old Edwardian windows, to giving your home a whole new look, our team are fully trained and qualified.

So, if you need a particular size of window to fit the measurements of your property, call us and we will be able to help.

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What Type of Edwardian Windows are Available?

There are two different designs of these windows available from us, and they can come as either Edwardian style uPVC windows, or as timber framed windows.

Edwardian Sash Windows

The first style of the two is the sash window. The Edwardian sash window design involves two separate window panels, with a sash that allows one panel to slide up and over the other. This opens the window.

By keeping a sash window design, Edwardian windows have the same practical functionality as Georgian sash windows. This means that they are also easier to open, and can be more easily left open during bad weather without letting the elements in. The design also frequently has a longer lifespan than other window types, allowing a homeowner and their family to enjoy the views from their windows for a long time before the windows had to be replaced.

Edwardian Casement Windows

The second style available is the Edwardian casement window. Like sash windows, this design also uses six or more smaller panels to make up one whole window, but these windows open outwards instead of sliding up and down. These windows are generally thought of as looking more modern, but still have the same potential to make the room they are installed in look bigger, brighter and give it a time-honoured feel that is certain to both delight and impress.

Both styles may have differences between them, but each has the same advantages and benefits, so neither style is better than the other. Whichever design you choose, you are sure to be adding a stunning new feature to your property.

What are Edwardian Windows?

The Edwardian window style came about when architects during the Edwardian era borrowed elements from Georgian style windows to create new, taller and wider windows that could suit the newly built homes of the rising middle class. Homes during this time usually had larger rooms with higher ceilings, meaning that windows needed to be built to allow in as much natural light as possible. Smaller paned windows were often paired to help increase the amount of light that came through, and upper sashes would often contain stained glass to beautify the rooms they hung in.

Traditional Edwardian Window Materials

When they were originally created, Edwardian window designs were most often constructed from timber window frames. However, in the modern day and age, it is also possible to have this classical design for your home, in a more modern material, such as uPVC. Both timber and uPVC are still popular for window designs today, for all the different types of residential properties that our customers call home.

What are the Benefits of Installing Edwardian Windows?

There has been a recent revival in the installation of Edwardian windows, and with the benefits they provide, it isn’t hard to see why! Many of these benefits are the same or similar to Georgian style windows.

Traditional and Timeless Look

Edwardian windows offer a traditional, timeless look to the property they are installed in, wherever the homeowner wishes and no matter the aesthetic already present. With Edwardian style windows, a property can be given a relaxed and welcoming feel, alongside its classical charm.

Allow in Plenty of Natural Light

Edwardian style windows also have the potential to allow a large amount of light into a room, perhaps even more than Georgian windows because they are usually taller and wider. Having this window style installed in a room should open it up, making it appear bigger, brighter and a more inviting-looking space.

Your living room, dining room or study can suddenly feel twice as large, with the space designed for freedom of comfort. You will also get a better view of outside, so you could recline on your sofa or curl up with a good book in your favourite chair and have a perfect view of your garden at the same time.

Save Money on Your Bills

You could also end up saving yourself money on your bills if you choose to buy Edwardian double glazed windows. As this style is ideal for allowing light in, using double glazing would mean that more light would become trapped. This will naturally heat up your home, lowering the amount of energy you will have to use. So, not only will Edwardian windows look great installed in your home, they will also prove to be cost-effective as time goes by.

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If you have been looking for an enduring and aesthetically pleasing style of window for your home, then get in touch with us today. We can supply and install Edwardian style windows when you need them, for any property, from the newest suburban house to the oldest period property. We have had years of experience in this industry, and nothing makes us happier than being able to give our customers what they want, at a price that suits their budget.

So, if you would like the highest quality Edwardian windows, whether uPVC sash or timber casements, we can help you. Contact us, so we can discuss placing your order and arranging your installation as soon as possible.


  • 30 year guarantee on timber
  • 10 year guarantee on a paint finish
  • Smaller energy bills and carbon footprint


  • Traditional: based on the design most popularly incorporated in Victorian and Georgian properties
  • Heritage: The Heritage range has been specifically designed for listed buildings where approval is required