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The properties of annealed glass can make it an ideal choice for certain windows. The advantages of choosing annealed glass include a lower cost and higher flexibility than other types of glass. However, annealed glass is not appropriate for areas where safety is of concern. We are the best solution for quality installations that use annealed glass, or other glazing types, and can suit a range of budgets.

The glass is a bit less likely to break than regular glass, but when it breaks its strength level means it will break into large shards. Annealed glass is different to tempered glass, which breaks into lots of tiny pieces that cannot cause any risk of cutting, so it is not the safest option in some settings due to the thickness of the jagged shards.

You may be able to have annealed glass in some windows, but it is not a good choice for most doors as it is more dangerous after breaking and will not resist the same level of temperatures in the case of fire.

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    What Are the Advantages of Annealed Glass?

    Using annealed glass is a way of getting your windows in a form that is not as strong as your typical window, but still has some advantages. It is a versatile glass that is available in clear and coloured varieties and a range of finishes, but in double-glazed windows it is not necessarily useful for every pane of glass due to the expense of manufacturing and safety issues.

    However, some advantages of the properties of annealed glass include the following:

    Useful in making other glass

    By using multiple sheets of annealed glass you can create different types of glass, which helps to make up for the lack of safety features. One particularly good option is laminate glass, which sticks two or more sheets together with laminate to prevent shattering.


    You can cut into annealed glass without creating any extra stresses, which means it is very flexible and can even be curved. This flexibility means it can be useful for monolithic art sculptures and areas where circular designs are present, such as a window using a circular bay.

    Cost-effective choice

    Annealed glass is one of the cheaper types of glazing available. While it is important to take safety considerations into account good window manufacturers can still create high-quality windows.

    It can be confusing and annoying to define the subtle differences between glass options, but as experts in supplying and installing windows using many types of glazing, we are well-placed to provide some insight. You might find another glazing option is a better choice, and our team can advise you in this regard.

    High-Quality Annealed Glass Windows

    You can view our range of testimonials for an idea of the satisfaction we provide in our work.  We can provide annealed glass when it makes sense for your installation, such as when greater flexibility and lower cost is desirable. 

    Annealed glass can be useful as part of a window installation, but it is not very useful as the only option. Please feel free to get in touch with us today for a fast and accurate quote on your new windows, glazing options and installation.

    Faqs & Useful Information

    The following are some common questions and further details about annealed glass and the services we provide:

    What Is The Definition Of Annealed Glass?

    Annealed glass is a type of treated glass and is a heat-strengthened glass. By using heat strengthening a glass manufacturer can create a stronger glass at room temperature. It can be confusing to understand the term annealed, but annealed glass simply means glass that has gone through the annealing process. Annealing is a heat treatment process that people use when manufacturing glass. To anneal glass you bring it to a set temperature, the annealing point, which allows internal stresses within the glass to become less significant and therefore less likely to break. 

    What is Stronger Than Annealed Glass?

    There are many types of glass available to choose from that are stronger, such as You can also choose borosilicate glass, which is stronger. Tempered glass and safety glazing. Laminated glass is a little bit stronger and will not come with the same risks that come from breaking. 

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